Featured: MG, The First Ultra Sleek Android Handheld Gaming System Needs $1m in Funding

MG gaming android

Recently the Ouya project was all the talk of the Android gaming world with its drooling specs and now we have here is another Android based handheld console on the market named MG seeking backers on Kickstarter. The device is claimed to be an ultra slim portable Android gaming system (ala iPod). It’s designed to utilize the freemium app marketplace on Google Play. It also comes with a built-in transaction system that will let parents control all the transactions, if needed.

The device will face certain issues in the market besides the $1mn funding it requires, including the competition with other phones and tablets, also it has been dubbed as the iPod equivalent in the Android market that makes it much attractive for kids, who need a non-phone devices for gaming.

The project still lacks nearly $925,000 in funding to complete it while 181 backers have already funded $24,500. The project will end in 25 days and will only be funded once the amount of $950,000 ahs been met.

The MG sports an ultra slim ergonomic design, unlimited number of games and a pretty reasonable price tag of $99 for early backers. The specs are not as mouth watering as the Ouya but still pretty decent for a handheld gaming device. Check out the following specs and decide for yourself.

  • 4″ WVGA (480—800) Capacitive Touch
  • TCC8925 Cortex A5 processor at 1GHz.
  • 1GB RAM/4GB of internal flash storage
  • 1880mAh battery
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera for still image and video capture
  • Stereo headset jack
  • Micro SD card slot for expandable memory
  • Micro USB 2.0 HS
  • Gyroscope, Compass, Accelerometer sensors

I still don’t see how MG will be able to compete against other high-end devices like the Galaxy S3, One X, Transformer Prime, etc that are powerful enough to play any game made for a mobile device and also the Ouya system that has much better specs than MG and comes with the same price tag.

But all in all the MG console looks like a decent device to own if you can’t afford a PSVita, specially for kids who are not eligible for a phone yet. It needs nearly $1mn in funding in less than a month, so if you want to see the MG hit the market then go ahead and help the guys by backing them up on Kickstarter.