Featured: Meet John Legere; T-Mobile USA’s New CEO

September 19, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Ever since T-Mobile’s previous CEO Phillip Mumm left to head a position in Europe for Vodafone the company has been looking for a suitable replacement. Former COO Jim Alling stood up to keep the seat warm for whoever was going to be moving in. Now, it’s been revealed that John Legere will become T-Mobile’s new CEO. Mr Legere has 32 years of experience in the field and has held a number of different jobs in the sector. He’s known for heading up Dell’s European, Middle East and African operations. He turned Global Crossing into one of the world’s leading IP-based network companies. It’s safe to say that T-Mobile have secured a decent man for the job.

Whether or not he becomes the right man for the job is something we’ll see over time. It’d be nice if T-Mobile could get their hands on their Dan Hesse and champion radical change for the better. It’s fairly certain that Legere will be leading the network’s charge into the LTE market and hopefully he’ll fight to keep Unlimited data and bring better phones to the network. Sure, T-Mobile have the Galaxy S III and will be getting the Note II but where are the HTC’s and Motorola devices in their line-up? Hopefully, a shot in the arm like this will bring the company back into notoriety for the right reasons.

Mr Legere addressed his staff today in a YouTube video and introduced himself a little as well outlining some plans going forward:

[Source: Engadget]