Featured: LG to Bring us Their First Nexus Device; Based on the Optimus G?

LG Optimus Nexus

It’s always the same, as Android fans we’re never content with what’s already on offer and the Nexus program is certainly not immune to this strange ailment of ours. The Galaxy Nexus is a brilliant device and it’s only been out since last Fall but, that hasn’t stopped us from looking forward. Every year a company becomes a candidate for the new Nexus that we Android fans pick. Time and time again, LG’s name has come up as being one of the companies to produce either the next Nexus flagship or one of the five Nexus devices rumored to hit this year.

We’ve heard previous rumors that LG would be getting their chance to deliver a Nexus device based on their Optimus G device that is to hit before the end of the year. Now, however, there has been new evidence to support such a theory that also claims LG will release the “Google Nexus 2”. MovilZona – a Spanish website – has received word of the device from “a person connected with Vodafone”.

The Spanish site learned that the device will come with a 4.7″ touchscreen that will feature “quality and detail offered by Apple’s Retina Display.” This certainly sounds like the Optimus G’s True HD IPS display at 1280×768. Whether or not this new piece of info holds any wieght it’d be nice to see LG bring a Nexus device to market. After all, there’s nothing we like more than new devices and if we can hack the hell out of them then we’re even more interested! Roll on LG Nexus is all I can say.