Featured: Konnichiwa Nihon! Google Brings Nexus 7 to Japan

September 25, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

As a little insight to myself I studied Japanese at college and have a pretty decent qualification in it. I’ve always been fascinated in Japan and the culture. I’m also pretty envious of the device’s they get over there – some of those phones are crazy cool. Now though, Japan are getting their hands on something we’ve been enjoying for some time now – the Nexus 7. Whilst this isn’t a big deal really, Japan is a big chunk of the Play Store’s revenue.

Eric Schmidt has said that 75% of Japan that uses the Play Store purchases content on it, making the Asian Island a big chunk of cash for Google. If the Nexus 7 does well there it could become the start of massive improvements in the Play Store and the content in it. Without people buying the content the store will die a death but, with this large a chunk of the market now getting better access the Play Store should come to benefit in the future. The device is available from the Japanese Play Store right now and will be available in select retail markets come October. The Nexus 7 should do very well over in Japan after all, they’ve had NFC for as long as I can remember and the QR code to the Japanese is as normal as a bent politician is to those in the States!

It’s brilliant to see Google expanding into more lucrative markets as well, it really shows Google are looking to make devices like the Nexus 7 a big win, opening the path for more of these devices regularly.