Featured: Kindle Fire HD 7 is Already Rooted, That's Why We Love Android.


Guys over at XDA Forums just don't let up. It's been almost 2 weeks since the Kindle Fire HD 7 hit the shelves but the device has already been successfully rooted. This may come as a surprise to many people who expressed their concerns about how Amazon was shipping the Kindle Fire HD with locked bootloaders and how it was impossible to gain root access.

An extraordinary member of XDA Community, jcase has found a way to gain root access to the Fire HD by a simple technique that was developed by another member (sparkym3) for the Ice Cream Sandwich running on Asus Transformer Prime. He discovered a loophole in Android 4.0 on the Prime that led to this Kindle Fire HD root today.

If you don't know about root and how it affects your device then let me tell you that root gives you access to system files in the device. You can do anything you want a dn tweak the system according to your needs. Use certain apps like SuperUser, Titanium backup, etc and best of all install Custom ROMs on your device to gain access to Google's Play store, if you're not content with Amazon's appstore.


But a word of warning before you attempt to root your device, while rooting can make your device much better and smoother than it already is, it can also lead to serious damage to your device like bricking it and rendering it almost useless. Root will also void your warranty and you won't be eligible for replacement from Amazon. So, always keep the following in your mind before rooting your device. Nobody wants a $199 7" paperweight, right?

If you are one of the adventurous kind and want try out the latest root method experiment for your new Kindle Fire HD 7 then head over to the official thread at XDA Forums and follow the steps, carefully. We are in no way responsible for any damage to your device.

Let us know if have already rooted your Kindle Fire HD 7.

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