Featured: It's a PIG world out there, or it will be soon

By now im sure everyone has heard a little bit about Rovio's next little venture. By venture I mean their next pig.. ugghh excuse me, I mean big game that is to be released. For months there has been talk of them releasing a new game that focuses on the pigs instead of the birds. A little game called bad piggies. Well, the secret of the game has left the nest, and landed right in the pig pen. The next game from Rovio will definitely be bad piggies, and its coming soon as Rovio says it is to be released on September 27.

How did we come across this information? Well Rovio has been dropping hints for a while about the game but the confirmations were all posted on various Rovio twitter accounts (@Roviohq, @bad piggies, and @Angry birds). They have let everyone know that Bad Piggies will be coming soon to Android and other platforms on September 27 2012. Still no word on what kind of game this will really be but we can assume it will still have some ties to its physics based puzzle roots. With a little twist of course. Interestingly enough, Fast company has managed to see an exclusive look at the game, although they did not share any screenshots they did mention a little about what they knew of bad piggies.

"The swine are stranded on a desert island and have to build vehicles and contraptions to make their way to the delicious eggs that they can't seem to get enough of. Though there is a three-star mechanic at work, there are no birds in sight, and the pigs are bouncy, jovial, and downright likable,  a far cry from the snorting, antagonizing characters from the Angry Birds installments. - Fast Company"

Judging from the words of Fast Company, the game will still be as addicting and playable as ever when it comes to Rovio titles, but will try incorporating a little machine or contraption building and a little driving here and there. This a good thing as Rovio wants to keep its games from getting stale and stagnant and keep play quality fresh for its users, while not trying to fix what isn't broken that so many users love. Bad piggies will certainly be a whole brand new game but not deviate from what we know and love. Along with the release date we know that the game will cost $0.99 but there will almost certainly be a free version available as well. Put out some screenshots and a gameplay trailer and the whole thing will be complete!

All of this getting you birdbrains excited for more? Well here's another tasty tidbit, Pcoketgamer has stumbled across some more information that is guaranteed to get you tantalized with joy. It seems that Rovio has decided to use the Unity3D engine for Bad Piggies. Could there be a little more of a 3D playstyle to this new game? Who knows? We can only hope to see something new. Perhaps they will incorporate some 3D worlds into the old style of levels were used to seeing in all the other Rovio games and it will jump from 3D back to the side view. Thoughts? In the meantime, watch the hilarious teaser trailer again!


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