Featured: Intel Working to Extend Battery Life Through Radio Tweaks

Intel have taken their sweet time getting into the mobile game and whilst you could say it was worth the wait I'm still holding out judgement on whether or not Intel can make their chips a viable option for device manufacturers just yet. We've yet to see anything fantastic when it comes to Intel, we're hoping that next week's event from Motorola and Intel changes things but, I'm not going to be holding my breath.

All the phones that feature Intel chips - a handful or so - are pretty powerful, especially when you think that they're only packing single-core processors. Web performance across Intel is generally very good and now that they've completed their port of Jelly Bean I'm sure it's only going to get faster with some butter. Battery life is also pretty good but then again, they're only running on a single processing core and that way they're hardly breaking the bank when it comes to processing power. Intel do however, have plans in order to make battery life even better.

Recently, they held an event that focussed on developing technologies that will better the battery life on PCs and even phones and tablets. The way that they're going to tackle this is by zoning in on the power hungry nature of radios in electronics. Justin Rattner, Director of Intel Labs had this to say when it comes to mobile devices, "When you look at mobility and wireless technology, you start to realize there are a large number of tradeoffs. One of those tradeoffs is convenience ... versus battery life." This is something wholly applicable to the smartphone and tablet - how often have you discovered that you can save hours of battery life by turning WiFi or 4G off? Time and time again we hear of battery optimisation in the code of Android and other smartphone OSes but rarely do we ever hear off this type of optimisation.

Intel could really get their foot through the door of the mobile market if they can heavily optimise battery life of their radios without any performance trade-offs. It's clear that there's a healthy market for phones that feature bigger batteries - just take a look at the Droid RAZR MAXX but, wouldn't it be great to be able to buy from a range of phones without having to worry about battery life at all? I know that the battery life in my One X could be better...

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