Featured: In 30 Days We Could Have a New Nexus Device

Possible Nexus????


We've all heard the rumors of 5 nexus devices being released from about the start of fall to the end of the holidays.  For those of you who watch the Android Headlines podcasts you will have heard how the staff notices that the rumors of the "Next Nexus" are quite low for this time of year. Oddly, it's a strange thing to happen, which has many Androidians asking all sorts of questions. Well we got the rumors, and I'm here to deliver the gossip!

** Warning **

This is all speculation and rumors, nothing is to be set in stone or confirmed. You have been warned!



Creditable sources have at least given Android lovers a "tentative" time of 30 days. In 30 days a possible release of the next Nexus device has been given. The sources also say that his device has already been "leaked in blogs" and will contain a new version of Android! Oh my gosh! A new version of Android out already?!?! Settle down folks, this "new" version will only be what sources are calling a "point release" of Jellybean.  You were all wishing for Android 5.0 weren't you? I'm sorry to disappoint you all! It has also been stated that the identity and manufacturer has been leaked as well. Geesh, well that is like all the time, so who honestly knows what "rumor" is actually the correct one!

LG has been one manufacturer put out there as a possible Nexus device, but it HAS been confirmed the LG Optimus G "would be the base of a Nexus device."  I'm starting to get excited here not because of it possibly be LG, but the just anticipation of it all!


So what do we know about these "creditable sources?" According to another source, they are "three different industry sources" who have been spoken to within the last month.  The source stated that they "provided reliable information in the past and I find them to be trustworthy." I wish I could have that type of trust with the people in my life! Good luck to them, I hope they have a solid relationship, but I don't trust anyone, especially when I don't have evidence and facts to prove their theories.

It has been speculated with strong "conviction" that there will be a new version of Android out before the end of the year, but again it's hard to really decide on a feeling or emotion currently. Along with that new version of Android, there should be a "new flagship Nexus" device also. I get so excited! I can remember last year right before the Galaxy Nexus was released or confirmed, the excitement and anticipation was absolutely awesome!

Right around the end of October is the "AllThingsD: Dive into Mobile" conference. Speculators are suggesting the announcement could be at this conference through Andy Rubin.  So mark it on your calendars folks, "possible nexus announcement." Could the end of October really be the time for the Android Community to rejoice with excitement? Let us hope so.


Source: Android and Me