Featured: HTC's New Phone Pops Up in Big Red's Inventory


There's been some interest swirling a rumored refresh of the One Series that might involve a phone based around the One X featuring a 5-inch 108op display. The device has been pictured a couple of times with a thin profile and a red streak running down the side, which could suggest a new phone for Verizon. Other than that we've not heard a lot about the new device but it looks like we might be hearing some more about the device as now we've got evidence of it being in Verizon's inventory as well as corresponding GLBenchmark results from early August. If this was indeed the rumored phablet we've been hearing about then evidence of it in inventory systems could see the phone launch inside of 6 weeks.

The Benchmark results from August show a device with a panel running a resolution of 1794×1080 – room for Android softkeys – as well a Snapdragon S4 Plus and Adreno 225 graphics running the show. The device is listed as the HTC6435 in both GLBenchmark and the Inventory from Big Red, matching the two devices up nicely. It's about time that Verizon enjoyed a device from HTC that would at least match up to offerings from At&T and Sprint. With a resolution that high it'd have to be carrying a large screen and considering that there has been swirlings of a Full HD panel at 5" from LG, that seems to be the magic number here.

It'll be interesting to see how HTC and Verizon position the device in the line-up, whether the phone will come with pen input to go against the upcoming Note or whether they'll be positioning the phone as an all round media device. Don't forget that LG's Intuition is fast coming that's designed for pen input so I'm unsure if Verizon would want to launch two similar devices so close to each other.


[Source: Engadget]

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