Featured: HTC's 5-Inch Behemoth Shown in Press Render – Could become One X5


When a device manufacturer like HTC has been down on their luck in recent memory it's always interesting to see whether or not they come out shooting or ducking for cover. HTC have, in the past been a company to play it relatively safe – to revamp each device for each market and stay close to a single design language. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple and consolidated but, in this game you need to be seen to be pushing the envelope. If you were to ask me, that's exactly what HTC did when they announced the One Series of phones. Particularly the One X, which featured the best when it came to processors as well as design. HTC aren't one to leave a well-crafted recipe alone though and so there's been a lot of rumors surrounding a refreshed device that could be coming to Verizon, amongst others.

Now, this device has been outed in a press render, that you might recognise from recent launches like the Desire X. The render is what Engadget are happy to call legitimate and I'd hate to disagree with them – it looks classic HTC. The render shows off the red-laden design that we've been seeing in blurrycam shots for some time now. Also, the name One X5 is in the top left corner, again linking to rumors that this is to be a revamped One X. Unfortunately, there's no word on specs alongside this render which is a shame but, the rumor mill have reason to believe it'll be a 108p 5" panel. Making that size-bump very desireable indeed, especially if they can keep the quality of the original One X's screen. There's to be a quad-core Snapdragon S4 inside as well, whether or not this is true is yet be seen but, I wouldn't rule it out, HTC have had a good relationship with Qualcomm for years and if anyone can secure the quantities needed, it's HTC. We'll be looking closely to see what news is to come of this latest device but, it's not long till HTC hold their event in NYC – only Wednesday in fact. We'll have all the latest from that event as well.

[Source: Engadget]

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