Featured: HTC holding an event on October 2nd, will the HTC One X+ make an appearance?

September 28, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Lately we have seen plenty of leaks for various different HTC devices, including the One X+ both for O2 in the UK and T-Mobile here in the US, we’ve also seen the HTC Droid Incredible X for Verizon, and the latest rumor of a Nexus device with the looks of the Droid Incredible X that’s headed for Verizon. So at this press event next week, what is HTC going to show us? It won’t be Windows Phone 8 since they showed off those devices earlier this month already.

The picture above is an email received by HTCSpecialist.com and then it was first reported by the guys over at Android Authority. All the information we have so far points to an event in Glasglow next Tuesday from 6pm-11pm local time. At the event, those attending will get to preview HTC’s latest phones.

So what are we going to see next week? The HTC Droid Incredible X probably won’t make an appearance, since the event is outside the States and the Droid branding is a Verizon exclusive. So possibly the HTC One X+ or that 5-inch device we’ve seen rumored and leaked over the past couple of months. It could also be something totally different, who knows. But as we always do here at Android Headlines, we’ll keep you posted about all the news from Glasglow next Tuesday.

What are you looking to see from HTC next week? An HTC Nexus is what I want to see!

Source: Android Authority