Featured: How HTC Plans On Making A Comeback


HTC has lost ground to competitors such as Samsung and Apple and because of it, have posted some disappointing financial results as of late. It wasn't too long ago that the CEO, Peter Chou, announced a new direction for the company and that they'd be focusing on less phones, stop creating low-end phones, and focus more on creating high-end, high quality devices.

While that may be the case, they're still losing money. HTC's head of marketing and sales, Jason MacKenzie, talked with CNET about their plans. Here's a brief rundown of that conversation and what they plan on doing moving forward:

  • Bolder messaging with the media and consumers
  • More independent marketing campaigns to "tell the HTC story"
  • Focus more on their devices' advantages
  • Better utilize social networks to build awareness and buzz
  • Reach out to celebrities and huge fans for more authentic endorsements

This is all talk at this point and as we all know, actions speak louder than words. Still though, this is a good start. The Tiawanese company is also hoping for a turnaround with their One line, Windows Phone 8, and expansion into more markets such as China and India. HTC makes great phones. The problem in this market however is that it takes a lot more than making a great phone to gain market share and sell a lot of them.

High quality devices help, but marketing is key. Hopefully HTC steps up to the plate and gets implementing changes before they end up in a far worse situation.