Featured: How Good is That Galaxy SIII? Try 20 Million Sales Mark for Good


Samsung have had a hit on their hands when it comes to the Galaxy S line ever since the original – yes, that model – and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. No sir, in fact Samsung's latest addition to the Galaxy S line has already garnered a lot of sales and now, Samsung have revealed a pretty awesome figure. The Galaxy SIII has now sold over 20 Million units worldwide. In 100 days. That's not only an admirable feat but something to look up to. It's not often any phone manufacturer can say they've sold so many units in a mere 100 days. Not only that but, the last 10 million of these sales has come relatively quickly because the device had only just crossed the 10 million mark and now it's back having sold twice as much.

This is certainly an impressive figure and I'm sure that Apple will try and use this in their case against the phone in order to make more damages but, when you sell the device on a few carriers and you've had the same design for the last two years – you could do with some extra cash. It's going to be interesting to see if Samsung can keep the Galaxy SIII train running at full steam towards the end of the year, with new devices coming from Motorola – sure to dent their sales on Big Red – and a rumored refresh of HTC's One X. As much as I admire the new colors from Samsung I doubt the color brown is going to make it 30 million sales this time next month. However, with the Galaxy Note II on the horizon Samsung is going to be in the limelight for sure and those that don't need the extra size or the S-Pen may go for the SIII, if they haven't already.

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