Featured: How about Your Phone Becoming Your Tablet or Your PC? NexCrea could Help With That


In the next few years a number of things are going to change the way we use technology. For one, mobile speeds and coverage should become the norm with the main broadband line to your house becoming a niche product. Another thing that is not only sure to happen but already happening right now is the death of the Desktop PC. Perhaps death is a little strong but it's becoming clear that Desktop computers aren't going to be as popular as they one were or indeed as they are right now, come five years time. This is in part due to the fact that Smartphones and tablets have become so powerful that for day-to-day type stuff they perform more than admirably. Android has the technology built right into it – thanks to being built on top of Linux to be ran in many forms and situations.

Now, I know that none of you have probably heard of NexCrea, hell, even I haven't however, they're a start up that are looking to the future of computing. Which, whilst undeniably is mobile – there's certainly going to be a place for the computing that we're all used to now but it won't be as prevalent as it is now. Enter, the NexPhone – an Android based phone that's at the heart of NexCrea's concept. It's a pretty sleek looking phone and it seems to borrow something from the Lumia line which, if you ask me isn't all that bad an idea. The phone is just the beginning though as NexCrea envision all manner of situations in which the phone is at the center of. For instance, there'll be a tablet dock to turn the phone into a tablet as well as a laptop docking station as well.


Liliputing's Brad Linder has been wondering just what NexCrea could do with the laptop side of things, as well as the Desktop docking station as well. Much like myself, he believes that running Ubuntu on the device would be a good idea, adding that "This lets you run any of the thousands of Ubuntu apps optimized to run on Android, including web browsers, office software, or even photo or video editing software.". He's not wrong and as I'm sure you've probably come to realise I've been an Ubuntu user for many years and a Linux some years before that. The beauty of both Linux and Android is that you can run Ubuntu on an Android kernel and vice-versa, keeping the kernel count on the device to one but still delivering a Desktop Linux experience. Linux would be perfect for something like this as it's a lightweight operating system that, thanks to the wonders of Open Source comes with all the applications you could ever need.


I know that my phone is at the heart of my digital life and there a number of ways I pull my Desktop and phone together already for instance, I send text messages from my PC and control my PC's Media Center with my phone and more. To have the two devices become one would be a good idea of course, they'd be no gaming but, I'm sure the folks behind Minecraft could sort something out for me.

[Source: Liliputing]

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