Featured: Google's Self-Driving Car To Become the Norm Sooner than You Think?


Ever since Google began testing their driverless car it's been a constant interest of ours here at Android Headlines and I'm sure it's been of interest to a great many of you out there as well. Now, it looks as if this crazy technology might be nearing legality. The idea of a driverless car cruising past me on the highway doesn't exactly thrill me but, after seeing what Google have accomplished it doesn't seem quite so crazy as it always has done.

Howard Posner – a consultant to the Assembly Transportation Committee – thought that the California lawmakers would balk at the idea, as would anybody however, it seems that California really is a lot more forward thinking than we all thought. Posner had this to say of the legislation – "By the time this thing rolls out, people will probably be more comfortable. But today they're not, and I assumed the legislators would have the same feeling." The legislation which was heavily pushed by Google themselves was passed in the Senate 37-0 and in the Assembly 74-2, it's now awaiting action by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Google really pushed for this bill and it really goes to show that Google really do pack a punch, said Rob Stutzman – who was deputy chief of staff to former  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. "It was a powerful effort that they put together," said Stutzman and it had to be for the money they spent lobbying. Between October and July Google spent roughly $140.000 repeatedly lobbying the legislation to both the DMV and the California Highway Patrol. During the 2009-'10 legislative season Google also spent roughly $64,000, clearly showing their vested interest in the technology. Both aisles agreed that it would help keep roads and especially the highways safer for everyone.


It's beginning to become an exciting time indeed for futuristic technology such as this, with bills having already been passed in Nevada and Google's Project Glass getting better and better by the day. If anything, I'm more excited to see if Google have anything else up their sleeves for our future! Now, if only I can get Jelly Bean updated for this thing…

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