Featured: Google releases Field Trip, new Location-Aware Exploration App now available on the Play Store

September 27, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google has just released a brand new app called Field Trip. It’s a new Location-Aware exploration app. Field Trip is your guide to all the cool stuff in the world. The app runs in the background, and when you get close to something interesting a card pops up with details about the location. It also brings you restaurant reviews, information about local monuments, trivia facts, and much more. The app was created by Niantic Labs which is a part of Google.

Probably the best thing about Field Trip, is that it works kind of like Google Now because you don’t need to open it up to use it. So if you’re on a road trip, the app can speak to you and tell you facts about the things your driving by. Say your driving by the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Field Trip will tell you all about her. So is that enough features to persuade you to download Field Trip? If not here’s one more. The app even has a History feature, that’ll keep track of all your recent findings. From monuments to state parks, to restaurants and everything in between.

It also looks like this is only available in the US, hopefully it’ll be made available to other countries to enjoy very soon. For those of you looking to run this app on your Nexus 7 or other tablets, currently it is only optimized for phones. But it will work on tablets.

Field Trip looks to be a pretty nice app, especially for those that travel quite often. I know I’ll be using it on my next road trip, what about you? Stay tuned we’ve got some screenshots below for you.

Download: Field Trip (Play Store)