Featured: Google Provides Travelers with More Optimization with a New UI for Tablets


I've never really thought about how many people there are out there who travel. When you see people in the airport what do they usually have in their hands? A smartphone or tablet of some brand, that's right! One thing I have noticed about people who travel a lot  is this, they do practically EVERYTHING from their tablet, including searching for flights to here or to there, what airline has what deal, or what airline offers what. The list could go on and on. Google decided it was time to cater to those who travel and make life  just a bit easier for them. What did they do? They updated their Flight Search.

For those of you who are not familiar with Flight Search,  it's a feature they launched in September of last year.  It's allows travelers to search for:

  • Flights quickly and efficiently
  • Search maps and locations to visit
  • See ticket prices along with having a filter
  • Gives a calendar option to choose your dates
  • What dates will get you the lowest prices

You can do all of this straight from a tablet similar to the Nexus 7 or iPad!! That is great news for those who travel, since :47% of those users not only search their travel needs from a tablet, but they also purchase the tickets as well. So, Google stepped it up one notch. They provided a new "optimized" user interface. Google explains this new interface will:

"easily explore places to visit on the map and see prices updated in real-time for each destination."

All the original features will be included as well so don't think you are losing anything fellow Googlers! Google has hopes that this will improve planning and traveling for those who do it in excess amounts. Now you'll be able to do flight search from just about anywhere!


Do we have any fellow followers who are a user of Google Flight? Have you had a chance to discover the new UI? Is it as great as they make it out to be?


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