Featured: Google Maps Not Infected With Apple Bug, Gets New Satellite Updates And Flyover Imagery

September 28, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

Google Maps is keeping things moving along and unlike a, uhhh, friend of theirs, is able to deliver a non-Inception based, bridges through buildings experience. Chances are, especially as an Android user, you use Google Maps on a consistent basis and now the product just got even better thanks to some new updates.

What exactly are those updates? One of the first updates is new 45 degree imagery for 51 cities. Pretty impressive and not only that, but the imagery is said to be high definition which should especially look nice on tablets or of course any vivid display. Listing all of the cities would take a while as it consists of 37 U.S. locations and 14 International, however, if you want the full list, head on over to Google’s Lat Long blog.

Also with an update is to aerial and satellite imagery. That’s been updated for 17 different cities and 112 countries/regions. Those are high resolution as well and map geeks around the World are rejoicing. From Morocco to the frozen tundra of Antarctica, you’ll be able to view in great detail. It’s also worth mentioning that since these are updates to Google Maps, that also means you’ll see them in Google Earth.