Featured: Google Launches New 'Service' that Helps Developers

This just in Google has released a new "Google Play Services" for developers! I'm always excited when new things come out, even though I have not been on the "developing" end of things in quite some time, I'm still always fascinated by new things that come out in the area. Anything new is always exciting for a person who loves technology as much as we do here at Android Headlines.

What is Google Play Services? It is a "platform delivered by the Google Play Store that offers integration with Google products, such as Google+ in Android apps." Now I know quite a few developers out there (not high end money making ones) and other developers who do theming of Android. I see quite a few them always struggling when they are trying to work with the Google apps, so I'm hoping in this case that this new service will help them.

What the platform does is combine the "client" that developers use for their work, but also the "services component" that operates on the Android powered devices.

This would also enable the ability that developers wouldn't have to wait for certain carriers to update Android. Updates will be made available through this service, which is one of the many reasons we love Android. The image below shows an example of how the services will work together. Notice the simplicity, which is another reason we all love Google they make it simple and to the point there's no throwing in twists or curves like our beloved carriers *cough* Verizon *cough*.



This new service will also give Google the ability to just update in one central location via Google Play, instead of packaging images, which at times can be time consuming. This will allow Google to have updates out quickly, efficiently, and without having to wait for OEMs.  Sounds like a pretty good game plan. I hear it time and time again, updates should be accessible when they are put out! Then you have carriers like Verizon, who have now, JUST RELEASED the update for Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus!! We of course know why that is right? Verizon had to rip it apart, and make sure it had THEIR signature all over it, instead of giving customers the true Google experience. I for one, am glad I am able to adjust my phone to my liking as I've been on Jelly Bean since it was released! I feel sorry for those who've had to wait until now to enjoy the update.

The new Google service should allow for a much better system for developers. Tim Bray from Google explains this is just 'first step,' but there will be more to come! It should hopefully give developers "freedom to integrate" without having to wait or be told that they can't update at this time. I can see many Android developers within the Android community begin to rejoice as Google is starting to step up the game and make it so carriers can't "ruin" the true Google experience and put their own limitations on updates! Kudos to you Google!


Sources: The Next Web / Google Developers

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