Featured: Goodbye Mobile Data Caps! uTorrent Launches On Android

Torrents. If you're the entertainment industry, you hate them and want to do everything to kill them. The Internet though has a different opinion about them and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. There's a lot of different torrent clients out there and one of the most popular is uTorrent which is by BitTorrent.

The desktop app has been available for years across all platforms, but finally it's coming to Android and works on both phones and tablets. uTorrent Beta is live in the Play Store as we speak and as usual, is completely free to use. Not only that, but there are no size or speed limits. Thing is though, it's on mobile. While your 4G LTE connection might be blazing fast, downloading and/or seeding torrents probably isn't the best idea.

When you've got a few gigs, it all adds up pretty fast. BitTorrent recommends you take advantage of WiFi which is definitely a smart move. To find torrents, there is a search feature. Problem is, all searches are sent as Google search queries so to find what you're looking for, you'll need to do some digging. You can download uTorrent for Android here.

We're not responsible if the RIAA comes knocking on your door after downloading 4 songs...

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