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Back when Android first starting coming out,  photo sharing was introduced and Flickr was the way to go. It was a popluar app  for Androidians to share their photos with the web, family, and friends. Since then many apps have made debuts on Android and Flickr starting to lose its users. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all have their own photo sharing capability which also aided in this app losing its users. However, an app developer by the name bkr has developed an application which will hopefully aid in putting Flickr back on the radar map with Android.


bkr calls his app the "Unofficial App for Flickr." The apps provides its users with:

  • A swiping capabilty that allows users to "swipe" through contact photos with "ease."
  • A big range of support.
  • Allows users to comment on photos and view the details.
  • When users post new photos they will receive notifications.
  • NO ADS

I'm always a big supporter of  no ads. I"m also a pretty big photo sharer, so I may have to try this out, although I have never used Flickr before so it may be a day to start. I use  Google's Picsa app and the actual social media apps themselves to share my photos.

If you navigate to bkr 's thread on XDA you can see the vast amount of comments from users about his Glimmr app. He receives a lot of positive feedback and good reviews about his Glimmr, and some users are happy to see someone bringing back Flickr.

Glimmr Screenshot on a smartphone
Glimmr for Android


Glimmr  is on the Google Play with both a paid version and a free version. The free version doesn't have all the features as the paid version and works slightly less then paid version. However, its still a app worth trying and if you enjoy it please be sure to give your support to the developer by rating, commenting, and of course buying the paid version. The paid version is only a $1.29, so not an outrageous "donate" price and like always that $1.29 helps the developer make the app better for you, the users.

So how does the reading world feel about Flickr? Do you think this app will get Flickr back on the map? How many of the current Android Headline users use and support Flickr? We'd love to hear your feedback as always!


Sources: XDA / XDA thread / Google Play Store


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