Featured: Get the Nexus 7 look and feel on your Motorola Xoom


Earlier today we released our rankings for the Top 10 Android Tablets, and who's number one? Of course the Nexus 7. So what if you don't have a Nexus 7, and you want the look and feel of having a Nexus 7? Well if you have a Motorola Xoom you can have that look and feel. Thanks to XDA Senior Member emofishcake, who released a mod that add a few of the Nexus 7 UI elements, which include:

framework.apk for specific device/rom combos (to be pushed to system)
slim NavBar
StatBar (same dpi as Navbar symmetrical)
CWM flashable ZIP
use the ZIP to change DPI also


Now there is a catch, you must be running one of these ROMs TeamEOS Nightlies, Codename Android or Cyanogenmod 10 Nightlies. But emofishcake does primise support for the other versions of the Xoom and other ROMs are in the future. And to add to all of this, emofishcake is taking feature requests from users to add even more features to the mod and make it look even more like the Motorola Xoom.

You can get all the details from the original thread over on XDA. These developers can do just about anything can't they? So who's interested in using this Mod on their Wifi Xoom? As a note, the XDA Portal reported that it is working on only the Wifi version of the Motorola Xoom (wingray), but according to the comments and the original thread it is working on all versions of the Motorola Xoom.

Source: XDA Forums via: XDA Portal