Featured: Gameloft Launches GT Racing Hyundai Edition; Oh the Drudgery!

September 21, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

Gameloft. The name is iconic for mobile gaming. We all know it, and we all have a played our fair share of their titles. Some great, others…. Not so great. With gameloft being such a prominent name in mobile gaming especially today it’s no surprise that they should want to put out as many games as they can. But, at what cost? Sacrificing the quality of a game just to put out another one quickly? To me that just doesn’t add up.

The latest and not so greatest to adorn their rather extensive line up of games is the newest in their somewhat less popular GT racing series, GT Racing: Hyundai Edition. Awww Gameloft, you shouldn’t have! Seriously, you really shouldn’t have. When it comes to racing, gameloft is more well known for their Asphalt racing games, which are actually quite good. This newest installment while keeping true to the GT Racings stigma of a free-to-play model, which many do love, I’ll give them that, feels just a little bit lacking. The overall style of the game is no different from any of their previous GT Racing titles, (at least it feels that way to me) and the idea of placing only two cars in the lineup to choose from seems like a bit of laziness on the part of developers. Perhaps there was some sort of agreement between Gameloft and Hyundai that would only allow these two specific vehicles, perhaps Hyundai payed Gameloft a hefty sum to make a game that would advertise these two vehicles. Who really knows. Despite the reasoning, two cars is just a poor decision. A racing game is fun because of the massive amounts of cars you get to choose from to drive and more importantly, cars that we may never get to drive. High priced, high-profile, sexy, fast and powerful cars. Not Hyundai’s. If I wanted to drive a damn Hyundai id go down to the dealership and test drive a Tiburon… oh wait… been there done that. Never the less, if you’re someone who likes either the GT Racing series or just enjoys a free game now and then to pass the time, this might be up your alley.

The game features two different Hyundai vehicles, the concept car I-oniq (ugly car)  and the Hyundai genesis coupe. While the I-oniq is being featured in a video game for the very first time I think I’d rather take a Nissan Skyine that has been featured in many video games over the years, but that’s just me. You can take these two bad boys out for a virtual test drive on three different gorgeous tracks, (possibly the only thing I enjoyed about this game) Monte Carlo, Scandinavia, and Speed Ring which is a classic race track for a lot of racing games it seems. The game did have rather nice controls and the cars weren’t overly difficult to drive which was a plus. You can also take the chance to compete online against other racers over the GT Racing: Motor Academy leaderboards. Also a plus. Online multiplayer always boosts a game.

Overall, GT Racing: Hyundai Edition felt a little sluggish and it fell short of what I am used to when compared to gamelofts high quality gaming titles. I expected better of the developer studio but you can’t hate too much on a free game I suppose am I right? If you’re feeling a little withdrawn from a new and fresh racing game with cars you haven’t driven take a chance and pick this up. Hey, it won’t cost you anything. If you disapprove you can always uninstall without penalty. YAYY!!!! Moving on, im personally looking forward to Gamelofts more enticing upcoming title, Wildblood (the first ever gameloft game that uses the Epically Epic Unreal engine). Here’s to the future of gaming, and hoping that Gameloft stays on the righteous path from now on.

GT Racing: Hyundai Edition