Featured: Gameloft hints at Modern Combat 4: Zero hour for Android this fall; Teaser trailer released

Gameloft has long been known for making games. I have surely had my frustrations with some of the titles they have released over the years, just like many other gamers out there. I can't argue though that they have a general knack for releasing titles mostly on time, and on top of that are very good about putting out a series of games that people seem to love. Some of their series of games are much more popular than others. Modern Combat is one of those franchises. Now moving into this fall if Gameloft releases the game on time will mark the fourth installment into the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat is a popular First Person Shooter franchise for mobile platforms that models very closely the success of the Modern Warfare titles put out by Activision. With that closely knit feel to the most popular FPS game on consoles ever, gameloft has had huge success with their version of this mobile monster. Earlier titles in the series were definitely graphically impressive for their time and have since increased the visual appeal we have come to know and love from FPS games. Modern Combat: Sandstorm was the first in 2009, followed with Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus in 2010 and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation in 2011. All have been blockbuster hits on iOS and Android and it's easy to see why. The graphics are generally top-notch and the gameplay is a hell of a lot of fun.

With everyone chomping at the bit for the next new FPS title to hit the Play Store, I can all but wonder if the Multiplayer aspect of the game has gotten any better. While I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign of both Modern Combat 2 and 3, I was not a huge fan of the multiplayer mode in Fallen Nation. I found the touch controls hard to master for an enjoyable multiplayer experience and could only continue to wish that I had a tablet with gamepad support at the time I was playing this game. If there's one thing I've learned of Gamelofts FPS titles though, it's that they definitely put a lot of hard work into this genre and we can expect to see nothing short of an amazing single player campaign mode if no anything else.

While some will argue that Fallen Nation was not near as good as Black Pegasus ( the second installment of the franchise), I will argue and say that the Modern Combat name saw considerable increases in-game quality. The complaints all sound a little too close to those of the gamers that are hard up for the Modern Warfare series. The same things were said of Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 2. At any rate, the graphics were undoubtedly better and the gameplay was certainly at least for me, much more engaging. As long as Gameloft has fixed a few things that some, I included, would consider missteps in the games continuation, we could see Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour put Gameloft Back on top for the FPS franchise on Android. It'll be hard to compete with such titles like Shadowgun THD and Dead Trigger from madfinger games, and even Gamelofts own N.OV.A. 3 to grab the top spot. I have faith though that Modern Combat can regain the crown and push Gameloft to new heights in the FPS market for mobile. Without fail, gameloft has released both the last two titles about a year after the previous one, so if they follow this trend, maybe we can have this in our hands before thanksgiving, and thus thank gameloft for a nice holiday treat.

As you could have guessed, a teaser trailer for gamelofts new game has already hit the web, which it seems someone took the liberty to post to youtube. It's rather bad quality, but cool none the less. I won't spoil any of the information from the trailer, and just let you guys watch it for yourselves out of sheer excitement. After watching the trailer I would love to see some more campaign content than in previous franchise titles and as I said earlier a better multiplayer. Maybe with gamepad support. Maybe more achievements and multiplayer over Bluetooth and wifi would be great.

If they can get rid of the requirement to be connected to the web to even play the campaign this time around, I'll be a happy camper, the rest of the things aside. Although the trailer definitely makes this game look incredibly enticing, I still have my reserves until I can have a personal run through of the game itself on either of my tablets. What do you guys think out there? Give the trailer a peak below and let your heart pound with excitement.

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