Featured: Gameloft does an interview for their upcoming MOBA game, Heroes of Order and Chaos

September 15, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

Over here at AndoidHeadlines, we LOVE games. A few of us anyway, and me especially. So naturally, I was excited to see that Gameloft had plans to spin off a MOBA game from their huge MMORPG hit Order and Chaos. Order and Chaos is of course the closest thing to World of Warcraft on a mobile that you could get short of Blizzard making a game themselves. Heroes of Order and Chaos is a game like League of legends, Dota 2, or even Heroes of Newarth. Heroes of Order and Chaos and League of Legends and the like are lane defense games. There are two opposing teams, and 5 people per team. Each team starts at one end of a map, and the goal is to make it ultimately to the opposing teams base and destroy it. You have your pick from a number of different “heroes” or “champions” all which have their own attributes and special abilities to aid your team in bringing down the hammer onto the other. It’s straight up PvP the way it was intended. There will be lots of killing of the enemy team, and someone will end up having their self-confidence shattered. Ahhh memories. There’s nothing quite like besting someone in the field of PvP.

Gamelofts mobile version of this massively popular genre will star the characters from its Order and Chaos game as the champions for this one. I was never a huge Order and Chaos fan so which characters will be playable is going to be a complete surprise to me and should give things a little bit more of an exciting aspect. In the interview which I have posted below Gameloft talks about what drove them to make this game, a little bit about what it will include, and it even shows some gameplay throughout. The game is slated for release “coming soon later this year” on iOS and Android. As we know more we’ll keep you posted. This one game I will for sure try out. All I know is, Gameloft better not try to charge monthly for this as all the PC versions of MOBA games are free to play. You have the options of paying for in game items and such but they are in no way needed to play. I can only hope that Gameloft takes this idea and applies it to Heroes of Order and Chaos.

The interview is fast paced, action packed and sprinkled with a little bit of fun. I highly advise watching the short video. The game will have all new modeled maps different from those in Order and Chaos of course as gameloft assures us in the interview, as well some new characters that haven’t appeared in their other game. It should seem all to familiar to those that are fans of the MOBA style genre which is almost perfectly put by gameloft as a mix between RTS and RPG genres. You will be able to choose your champion and level him or her up along with their skills and choosing items to help power up your character. There will be two types of maps or games to play, a 5v5 and 3v3. Gameloft states that there will be four types of characters to choose from, letting gamers take their pick from a Tank, melee, ranged(mage), or support class to aid in the team win. Choose wisely though as too many melee champions could hurt the team in the long run if the opposing team has chosen mostly ranged.

We will update you more as information comes. Until then take a peak at the interview and get your practice in on some League of Legends!! My name is thinkbot if you wish to play. Cheers!