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What's up guys I know you've been itching all week for the next featured game and well... its Thursday and I am happy to help you realize that there will be no more waiting. This week's game may be more recognizable to you then you think. At the least, who developed the game might ring a bell. Adult Swim[Games] has put out another gem of a game with Monsters Ate My Condo and I finally just had to give it a try. I'll admit that I downloaded it in a fit of boredom while waiting in a drive-thru, but it was the best decision ever. I now have a really addictive and fun game that I can pick up and play for 5 minutes or an hour. And trust me it's really easy to let an hour go by while your face is pretty much stuck to the display of your device, while you're staring at the games interactive lights and listening to its sweet, sweet music of a soundtrack like an infant just taking it all in. Seriously, this game zombified me for a straight 15 minutes.

Monsters ate my condo is a delightful and humorously engaging puzzle game that will have you thinking on your feet while also tailoring to your comedic senses. I laughed a GAZIILLLLLION times while playing this just at the funny actions and atmosphere of the games rather ridiculous looking monsters. The MONSTERS ARE ON A RAMPAGE!!!!! They just have to eat everything in sight and they're looking straight at you. Well... not you, you're condo. They like Condos. Not human flesh. Ewww.... They're not zombies. No sir. They look more like Godzilla would if you were on a bad acid trip. The monsters are hungry and you must feed them condos to keep them sated from destroying everything in sight. The condos come down from the top of the screen in stacks with almost like a Tetris feel to it. Each condo will have a specific color ( red, blue, or yellow) and will match one of the colors of the monsters. You can flip the condos out from the stack with the swipe of a finger and matching them to a monster not only keeps the monsters fed but keeps them happy. You can feed them condos that don't match in color... but apparently they don't like that as much. So don't do it too often...please.

Stacking condos on top of each other is the main point of the game here, and with a minimum of three matching colors will reward you with a bonus colored bronze condo. Stack those three and you get a bonus silver-colored condo. Stack those.... Ok you get the point. And you will. Cause stacking those bonus condos and then feeding those to the monsters will reward you with more points. Condo high stacks of points. See what I did there? Moving on. The game has two different modes to tickle your gaming fancy. Endless and my favorite.. TIME ATTACK!! Not just cause it's fun and brings back memories of childhood Nintendo games with Time Attack mode, but because it's fun to say. TIME ATTACK!! See. Try it. You won't regret it. The game is supported on both phones and tablets and playable by anyone that has Android 2.3 or higher. Gamers on older versions REJOICE! Fling the condos, match the colors, feed the monsters to save humanity from ultimate destruction at the hands of Cartoon Network = points, points, points. Some in game for your score, and some of a brownie persuasion for saving mankind. *Also in-game as monsters aren't real and you didn't really save mankind now did you? But we can all pretend. We all did it. I won't tell anyone*

If you're eager to go try out this fantastically energetic and attention grabbing masterpiece of virtual gaming phenomena, Which I might add was coined (perfect term for a gaming review don't you think?) as one of the top 5 mobile games of the year by Gamasutra, then the link is below to the play store. The game will set you back a Washington, and it'll be one of the best that you've spent in a long time. So much so they should put this on the value menu at all the fast food places. That is of course where my revelation of this game started anyhow. That's it for this week's Game Spotlight but bookmark us for next time and we'll keep those featured games coming. As always; work hard, play games.

Monsters Ate My Condo


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