Sponsored Game Review: The Enchanted Kingdom Free


There's no shortage of casual games for Android, our platform is a place that's practically bursting with games nowadays. Casual games are best for touchscreen based devices like the Smartphones and tablet we're dealing with today. They offer us simple and easy gameplay however, only if done right. Herocraft know how to make a good casual game and their recent game: The Enchanted Kingdom certainly delivers a game that will surely keep you busy for quite some time. The best part? It's free! Read on to find out why it's worth your time.

It's not as if this is the firs time that Herocraft have made a game based on puzzles and object-hunting, they make some very popular games indeed, which you can find here. Enchanted Kingdom is a game firmly set in fairy-tale territory, presenting you with a great game for yourself but as well as one to play with the kids. Add that to the lack of violence in the game and you can really get stuck in with the kids. There's a lot on offer here, with object-hunting, puzzles and brain-teasers to keep you engaged all the way. You can check out more by watching the trailer below:
How It Works:
We're going to be taking a look at the Free version here but, there is a paid version available as well. The free version features ads on menu screens however, these ads don't affect gameplay at all. To get started all you've got to do is install the app from the Play Store – that's it.

After that there's an into that will set the scene and then you're off on your quest. Whilst playing The Enchanted Kingdom you'll take the role of an Orphaned girl that slowly discovers that she is The King's Daughter.

As time goes on and you find out more you'll accept the throne and build you Kingdom up. In order to get there though you'll be doing a lot of object-hunting. Herocraft have done a good job here of making Object-hunting but you'll be faced a number of puzzles throughout the adventure as well – such as match-3 puzzles and collecting crystals.

The game will walk you through how you get around the interface and what's what. Including how you can get hints if needed. A great feature here is that the game doesn't leave you in the dark. It also prompts you using words on what you need to find instead of an obscure outline that's often hard to make out on a phone screen.

The more and more levels you'll complete the more unique characters you'll come across and the more powerful your new Kingdom will become. As well as object-hunting the game mixes in puzzles as well so make sure you've got your brain in gear.

Opinion: I've reviewed a lot of object-hunting type games for the site and I've been a fan of the genre since I was young in fact, I pretty much grew up on Object-hunting games on an old 386 Windows 95 machine. If anything, The Enchanted Kingdom doesn't offer anything all that new. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing and I don't mean it to be. What is on offer here is good quality graphics that are linked to an engaging enough story to keep the kids entertained and the adults amongst us focussed on the gameplay.

There's enough difference here to make the hunting quickly paced and fun for old and young alike. Nobody wants to be squinting at their screen for twenty minutes looking for one item. There's no fun in that. Having a group of items or a linguistic prompt to finding items brings back whats great about the genre and in The Enchanted Kingdom this is done to good effect.


  • Speed (4/5) – It's quick and easy to set up with only one download required. Pacing of the game is done well to create a speedier experience.
  • Features (3/5) – There's nothing all that new here but what is on offer here is done very well and works brilliantly.
  • Theme (4/5) – Settings are drawn well and object just hard enough to find it challenging, as well as unique characters throughout.
  • Overall (4/5) – I have to admit that this is best played with the kids – not a bad thing but older players could be put off.


  • Graphics are good looking on high resolution phones and tablets alike.
  • Not only kids but those looking for a calmer experience will love this.
  • Pacing is good for an object-hunting game, you won't be bored after an hour of playing.


  • Those looking for something faster-paced might struggle.

Conclusion: I've had a lot of fun playing the Enchanted Kingdom and it's well worth taking a look in fact, I'd say it's worth the asking price of the paid version. It's definitely going to be a game that you can happily play with the kids – there's no violence here, making it not only perfect to play with the kids but also if you're fed of all the shooters and racing games out there. I'm sure that a great many of you will be needing help from the kids sooner or later. It's also worth nothing that this isn't just an object hunting game as there are plenty of puzzles for you to sink your teeth into along your travels as well.