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There are a couple of memes throughout the world of videogames that are sure to come up time and time again. If it isn't Zombies or a Special Ops team in your video game it's either magicians and pirates. The whole Pirate thing has been a recent thing with Disney launching their successful film franchise and from that there have been many games but, Pirates are a fantastic candidate for games, no? Nevosoft seems to think so and so, they've put together Pirates and their object-hunting specialty to bring us Pirateville. Read on to find out why you might enjoy the game!

Description: In this latest game from Nevosoft you play as Sharpshooter Jack – a pirate that has discovered a box. It's clear to Jack that the box is somewhat important but getting inside the box is proving more difficult than one would think – it's locked tight somehow! In order to solve the mystery of what's inside the box you'll take on the role of Jack. Through it all you and Jack will have a fantastic adventure – you'll meet spirits, become a psychic and even escape Prison. There's a lot to see and do in Pirateville with a massive 65-levels for you to crunch through! Check out the video below for more!

How It Works:
This time around things are a little simpler as all you've got to do is to install the app from the Play Store and to then open it up. As simple as that, Nevosoft have packaged in the required files this time around so it's only one download.

From the main menu all you have to do is Start a new game and away you go. The first chapter takes some time – as does the rest of the game but, I'm not going to ruin anything so you'll have to pick up the rest of the game if you want to find out more! It's typical object-hunting fare here with pinch-to-zoom onboard to help you distiniguish between objects.

The random-tap penalty is back, bringing with it a 20 second penalty so, poking the screen around one area to get lucky is only going to harm your overall speed instead of improving your score.

You've got to keep at it and memorize the positioning of items for upcoming tasks because with Pirate Adventures , you'll be spending a lot time in any one given level, making things a lot easier if you know the level!


Opinion: Nevosoft have been bringing games like this out for some time and whilst that might sound like a bad thing, in this case, it really isn't because Nevosoft know how to deal with Object Hunting games. This time around it's a new setting for the genre and it works really well. I had a lot of fun playing a game filled with proper Pirates as oppose to those mickey mouse pirates we see on the Silver Screen sometimes. This is what makes a Nevosoft game so good, whatever scenery they put the game into, it's always done with incredible authenticity.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game loads quickly and level-loading is fast but, levels can tend to drag on a little.
  • Features (4/5) – Object-hunting might not be your cup of tea but Nevosoft's spin on the genre in Pirateville will help you get along with the genre better.
  • Theme (5/5) – Pirate Adventures comes with stunning surroundings that both enhance the story and are authentic to it as well. Making a visually satisfying game.
  • Overall (4/5) – I'd have liked to have seen more puzzles from this game but the object-hunting here is fantastic!


  • Unique setting in Pirate Adventures makes the game feel unique – the most authentic Pirate game on Android!
  • Object-hunting is down to earth and enjoyable without becoming boring.


  • Tasks can become a little repetitive when finding things over and over again.

Conclusion: As with all Nevosoft games I've had a great time playing Pirate Adventures . It's a unique setting that the company hasn't done before and I bet it's a setting many of you haven't seen done like this before. It's object-hunting at its finest, with welcome additions that raise the game above its generic competition. It's a fantastic game and one that should keep you entertained for a good long time. It's also a game that you could quite happily play with the kids as well! If you haven't already done so go ahead and install the game from the Play Store now!

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