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Puzzle games. Let's face it, no matter how much you protest that you find puzzlers incredibly boring – you still enjoy to play Tetris or a riff on Columns. Everybody who loves games loves puzzle games. It's a fact that you cannot escape. So, instead of protesting all the time why don't you embrace your love of puzzles and get down to playing some new ones? Why not start with Cryptica? Read on to find out why you should.

A good puzzle game is nothing if it looks poor or doesn't have a good setting. Thankfully, Cryptica ticks both boxes admirably. As the name would suggest you'll be solving puzzles in ancient Crypts, crypts that protect valuable relics inside of them, with puzzles and riddles to stop all but the wisest of man getting to them. Beaten by their own creation, these crypts were buried long ago. Your challenge is simple – to beat the puzzles and unlock the mystery of the relics. Easy, right? Wrong. You can take a look at the trailer below:

How It Works:
All you've got to do to get started is install the game from the Play Store – you've got two choices here, you can go for the free lite version or the paid version. I'd recommend to start off with the lite version then buy the paid version once you get as hooked as I am.

Cryptica is a game built on a very simple mechanic however, the game itself is pretty brutal. If you're good at puzzlers you are going to love this game. The aim of the game is align the stones with their right place on the board. However, all pieces move together and so you have to figure out the best way to move the stones in order to get them where they need to go.

Throughout the game you'll come across holding stones and others that don't move, which you'll need to use to your advantage in order to place those stones properly. The premise is simple yes but, as you can see from the below screenshot – it can get pretty tough.

You've got to use your brain in order to get past obstacles blocking your path. It can be really challenging at times but thanks to the games good graphics and interesting backing music – you'll try to beat those levels time and time again.

I grew up playing Tetris on an old 8-bit Gameboy – yes, that Gameboy – and I loved it. Columns then took my eye on my Mega Drive and ever since Android ht my hands I've been playing Puzzle games every now and then. There really isn't any better platform for these type of games other than touchscreen based mobile devices and Cryptica suits phones and tablets perfectly. I've personally had a really great time playing Cryptica and I'm sure that whether or not you're a puzzler or not you'll love this.



  • Speed (5/5) – The game is quick to set up and the pacing of the game suits a puzzle game perfectly.
  • Features (4/5) – You couldn't say that Cryptica is packed to the rafters with features but what it does bring to the table it does so excellently.
  • Theme (5/5) – Puzzle games rarely look this good but Cryptica has fantastic graphics that run throughout the game.
  • Overall (5/5) – There's a lot to love about this puzzle game and it's fantastic for on the go gaming.


  • Challenging gameplay that truly requires you to think about how to complete each level.
  • The theme that runs throughout the whole game both looks good and suits a puzzler perfectly.
  • Often, puzzle games will bring more of the same – Cryptica is entirely fresh and you'll really notice it.
  • Whether you're playing this on a tablet or a smartphone it will run brilliantly and look the part as well.


  • It can become a little too challenging.
  • Hints would be a great added feature.

Conclusion: Cryptica is an excellent game, period. Whether you're a fan of this genre or not you can rest assured that you'll enjoy the game regardless. Never have I found a game this difficult but at the same time so enjoyable. You know how it goes -a game will seem too difficult and you'll blame the game but, with Cryptica it's your own fault and that pushes you to get better and better. What are you waiting for? Go and install the game and get head scratching! Your Choice of the you can go for the free lite version or the paid version in the Playstore!

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