Featured Game of the Week: Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

I can't get enough of games. I love to dabble in just about all types and play them on various platforms. I'm especially newly fond of all the console quality games that have been coming to android. That's why I'm so excited for this week. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies just lifted the Sony device exclusivity this morning and was made available for almost all android devices. I immediately downloaded this to my nexus 7 and started playing it. Been living under a rock? Not to worry I'll fill you in. COD: Black Ops Zombies has been on iOS for some time. A little over a month ago it was released to android, but to the horror of all the android toting gamers out there it was made exclusively available to sony xperia devices only for 30 days. 30 days!! You just can't take a huge hit game like that, drop it onto Android, the largest mobile platform with a massively growing gaming community and only allow a portion of the people who use Android to have it. Well... that was the decision that was made by Activision and Glu mobile. 30 days has come and gone, and the wait was well worth it. Im happy to say I can now get down on some authentic COD zombie action anywhere I go.

Now for the good stuff. The game sports Single and multi-player. So those of you out there who like to mob those crusty meat bags with a friend, can have your cake and eat it too. You can play through the fabled Kino der Toten map, Ascension, and the witty yet seemingly challenging Call of the Dead: Director's Cut map. Probably the favorite 3 maps of the original Black Ops Zombies adventures. Did you think they forgot about Dead Ops Arcade? Well if you did you'd be wrong because that's in there too. I think I spent more time through that then the original maps. The game plays well and handles ok at first, but once you get used to the controls you pick up the scheme of things quickly and you're instantly transported back to the experience you had on your console. All the elements seem to be there. Power ups, ammo, artillery, and the famous weapon swap box that everyone seemed to scramble to find. The downside I see here is that unfortunately Glu had their hands a little too far into the cookie jar with this game and bunked it up with their glu credits in game purchases. You can buy the appropriately re-named "cod points" to purchase such items as the juggernog, double tap and my favorite, the weapon upgrade pack-a-punch. It was kind of a downer to see the game go this route, but I didn't really expect anything else, being that it was published under Glu.

All is not lost however as the game still holds its original charm and is fun just like it was back then, and I'll admit, I did break down and buy some cod points. Cause I just had to engage the teleporter and grab the pack-a-punch upgrade. After that moment you could hear me screaming at the zombies on my nexus display.... "how's that taste MOTHA..... *insert expletive* YEAh!!!!" It was intense. A few other tricks this game has is the Dead Ops Arcade level which is first locked when you open the game initially, asking you to "insert coins". That changes quickly, because with a little digging, you can find all four coins that will unlock this classic arcade version of the Zombie smash hit. I'll give you a little hint. You can find them all by accessing the main menu screen. This game surely has enough to offer anyone who is looking to fill a void that can only be filled by killing massive amounts of zombies. Play solo, or play with up to 4 friends via WiFi. (note: you must all be on the same local WiFi connection if you are going to co-op) Various control styles for ease of play, quirky and fun comic style menu panels just like in the original version of the game, and familiar soundtracks will definitely bring back those memories and keep you wanting more. This game will take up about ¾ of a gig of space it seems. So make sure you have enough room for the download. COD: Black Ops Zombies will set you back a cool $6.99 and have the option of those pesky yet enticing COD points to buy in game upgrades. Be careful about uninstalling the game though as this will wipe out any purchase you have made on COD points and they will be lost to the Zombie hordes forever. If you wish to pick this up and check it out the link is below. I have included some screenshots and a video as well. Enjoy! Until next week guys!


Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

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