Featured: "Game Genome Project" Could Change The Way We Search For Games

I'm no stranger to games. That being said, I'm quite familiar with the play stores layout and how it categorizes games and apps and such. For the most part, searching through the play store and just scrolling down the list is perfectly ok for some, and I am not completely opposed to it either as I always love a good game. The problem is, it's not efficient in the slightest. Scrolling through lists and lists of games is just long and cumbersome and I don't always have that kind of time. Enter the "Game Genome Project." The Game Genome Project is on a mission. That mission is to give me (and all gamers) the power to search for games based on certain criteria within that game. Essentially taking the game's DNA and laying it out across a vast archive of searchable information, ultimately giving you results for games based on your choices of likes and dislikes. Much like the way Pandora has taken the "Music Genome Project" and allowed us to create personalized radio stations for our favorite artists and songs.

Now I know that possibly not all of you readers out there are up to speed on Pandora or even the Music Genome Project for that matter. So I'll give you a brief but detailed breakdown. Pandora takes the very DNA of a song or artists/band that YOU search for to create a radio station and analyzes it. We're talking complete makeup. (tones, genre, musical instruments used, etc.) They take that DNA and give you similar music for you to "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" thus giving you even further personalized musical results. Now apply this sort of process to the way we search for games and BOOM! You have a whole new exciting and more accurate way to get in on your favorite types of games. Whether the game you're looking for has touch based controls or gamepad support, is a First Person Shooter or a Racer, and is turn based play or fast paced action is all up to you and then you will get a list of personalized results to sift through, helping narrow down what the exact style of game you want. Here's a little statement from the company behind this little project, "the best apps market."

"Instead of wasting time looking for games based on generic keywords or stale top lists, you can now search using a combination of traits such as "3-D Graphics + Play by Tilting + Fast Game Play + Sci-Fi Theme.

The results reveal a variety of games that are more tailored to what you actually want. With hundreds of traits and millions of combinations, the Game Genome Project makes game discovery faster and more personalized than any other method, including the Google Play Store."

It all sounds very compelling. I'm an avid user of Pandora, and fully support the idea of a process that helps me weed out those god awful shitty games that Google decides to let through onto the Play Store. No offense to Google, I suppose every developer deserves a fair chance for their work to be listed. For those of you that feel the same as I do on this subject, Best Apps Market tells us that their app will be available this October. They're calling the app "Blender" which seems like a fitting moniker for the program that will be blending up all your search options into a neat little package, and giving you the gift of personalization that you've always dreamed of.

If you're just as eager to have this on all your devices as I am you won't have to wait much longer, thankfully. Luckily, you can take a little sneak peak at how this app is going to work over at Best Apps Market right now and see for yourself how the Game Genome Project is going to work. Of course I've already tried it. I'm looking forward to using it and seeing what this thing can do after future updates as well. Hopefully, it'll take off just as fast as Pandora and who knows maybe we'll be seeing some cool stuff come up down the road. Either way, take a look at how it operates. GAME ON!

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