Featured: Galaxy SIII Finally Treated to Jelly Bean; Tasting Starts in Poland


We've been hearing a lot about the Jelly Bean update from Samsung for their flagship Galaxy SIII and whilst there was talk of it being rolled out alongside the announcement of the Note 2 in Berlin, we've been left waiting. There's been a number of leaked builds for the device and some of them have been pretty usable. Now, however it looks like Samsung have put together the final build and it's ready to get out there. The update is rolling out in Poland as I write and whilst it looks like it's only available through Samsung's Kies software right now – that's better than nothing. It's also a lot better than HTC and their One Series.

The update will bring all the headlining features of Jelly Bean such as the famed "Project Butter" making performance even faster as well as Google Now and enhancements to Notifications. Something I'm sure many GSIII owners with Galaxy Nexus owning friends will be happy to finally get their hands on! Whilst there's no word on when the update will be heading to the States – or the rest of Europe for that matter – it can't be too much longer, I can't imagine Samsung will want their biggest territory to be left out! However, as always, it comes down to the carriers and so far they've all been tight lipped on the subject. If you're the type to run custom ROMs however, I wouldn't say it'd be too long before you had a build based off of this latest update but, don't hold your breath.

It's said that owners of the International unlocked Galaxy SIII should be getting the update soon, regardless of where in the world you are so, let us know in the comments if you've gotten any whiff of some tasty Jelly Beans!



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