Featured: Current Version of Chrome Doesn’t Play Nice with Intel

September 18, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

For a long time now, Google Chrome has been the number one choice for many of us on the desktop and it’s fast becoming the number one choice for those on Android 4.0 and above. It’s gone through a number of updates and it’s recently reached a stage that’s usable on a device so long as you have some reasonable power behind it. With the announcement of the RAZR i you’d assume that Google might have had a copy of Chrome running for Intel based power.

Google Chrome for Android isn’t compatible with Intel based phones which certainly leaves the RAZR i out in the cold. It’s a shame then because, Intel’s new chips is said to murder websites and doing it with the most up-to-date browser is something I’m sure Google and testers would love to see. There’s nothing to worry about though because Motorola have contacted Google and have told Android Central that there’s a an Intel optimized version coming soon.

Whether or not this is going to become something we see happening all too often when it comes to ARM applications running on Intel chips is something we can only fully know when the phones become more mainstream. However, seeing as most apps are built in Java for Android and Intel certainly know how to handle Java I wouldn’t be surprised if apps continued to work just fine.

[Source: Android Central]