Featured: Carbon for Android finally hitting the Play Store in a few days?

September 18, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve all heard this before right, that Carbon for Android will be available in a few days. So far we haven’t seen it, aside from the select few that got closed beta access to the app. In fact we heard about a month ago that the app would be available within a week, that week came and went and still no Carbon for Android. During this past weekend some light was shed on Carbon’s release date, here’s the official tweet from Carbon Android:

Matter of a few dayz now…yea, still alive and kicking! Next up will be a full video and our Google Play link…

So we are all anxiously awaiting this great Twitter app. Those of you that came from the WebOS platform to Android know how great Carbon was for WebOS. Right now there aren’t a lot of great Twitter apps available for Android, but we did find 10 Twitter apps that are worth a look.

What Twitter app are you using right now? Personally I’m switching between Boid and Twitter for Android, and can’t wait for Carbon to hit the Play Store.

Source: @CarbonAndroid