Featured: AT&T Galaxy S III Gets New Update, Still No Jelly Bean

September 19, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

The Galaxy S III was released a few months back, AT&T customers getting it the first week of July, and so far has went on to sell over 20 Million units which is quite impressive. Unless you were the almighty Apple, doing these numbers not too long ago would have been unheard of. However, Samsung has really solidified themselves as the premier manufacturer of Android smartphones and tablets and people seem to be buying in groves.

Today, the Galaxy S III on AT&T received a new over-the-air update which brings some small tweaks to the device. Don’t get your hopes up too much though. While Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been released for a little while now, it still hasn’t made its way to AT&T S III customers.

Sometimes having the latest greatest device doesn’t always mean getting the latest and greatest updates, at least with how quickly people want them (NOW!).

The software is build IMM76D.I747UCALH9 and brings features such as a brightness slider in the pull-down menu, Samsung’s own VPN app, new press-and-hold keyboard options, Settings menu tweaks, new camera filters, and so on. There’s also reports that S-Voice is performing better after the update.

You can go to your phone settings to see if you’ve received the update yet and if not, you should receive it very soon. Keep in mind that this update will not work for rooted devices and could cause issues for custom recoveries. Also, someone in the comments on Android Police claims that it breaks third party tethering so if you rely off of a certain app, well, that could be a problem.