Featured: Asus Transformer TF300 Gets the Developer's Treatment with NVFlash


The Asus Transformer TF300 has just scored some major love from XDA Recognized Developer rayman. What I mean by major love, is rayman has successfully managed to get Ubuntu on the Transformer through NVFlash. I'm sure many of you are wondering what NVFlash means. Here are rayman's own words;

This release allows unlocked devices to create a set of device-specific files that lets you access NVFlash. Once the procedure is done, you will always be able to recover any software brick (even bootloader!) as long as you keep your files safe!


For my fellow rooters out there I'm sure you, like me, probably just can't wait to give this a shot. Well hold on my friends, as with all good things, there are always some requirements.

  1. It will only work on UNLOCKED devices
  2. It requires access to Fastboot to prepare device first time
  3. It won't work on fully bricked devices (See 2.)
  4. You need to keep files safe!
  5. If you upgraded to Official JB it *won't* work!
If you met all of those requirements you are set and I wish you the best of luck. I upgraded my Transformer to Asus' OTA update to Jelly Bean, as soon as it came out, being impatient as I am, therefore I am unable to enjoy what rayman has delivered.  Check out the source and give it a shot, and let us know what you think.