Featured: Apples Tries for a Second Attempt at the Face Unlock Patent


We all know that the Face Unlock patent belongs to Google right? So, why is there news flying around that Apple has applied for almost the same exact patent? I smell foul play going on here! I'm not quite sure why Apple is applying for a patent that Google has already been awarded. It would seem strange, wouldn't it?

According to other news sites, Apple tried for this patent once already in December of last year, but again that was right after Face Unlock came out in Android 4.0, or better called "Ice Cream Sandwhich."  However, it would seem that there are "variations" to a patent. Okay, this is where my blood starts to boil, because there shouldn't be variations, there shouldn't be differences, there shouldn't be anything. One patent! One freaking patent because otherwise it will just be, "this one is gonna sue that one." It's just downright ridiculous, but that is the case folks. The patent Google was awarded is "slightly different in nature." See, what I mean? How many variations could there possibly be?! Trust me, they find ways of making variations!

Google's patent not only goes for "simply unlocking a device," but it's also patented to include multiple users as well. So, different users will be able to be recognized and logged into the correct account. As you may already be thinking, it's not really useful for a phone per say, but it would be really useful if used on a computer or tablet.

Now Apple's patent consists of something a bit different. Again, I think it's absurd that there's even differences or "variations!" Apple's "patent" consists of having "sensors" that will be able to depict not only the user but if the phone is being held or not. If the phone recognizes you as a user, but doesn't sense that it's being held, it will not unlock.  Again, the patent is VERY similiar to Google's patent they were awarded.

Now for the FUN part! Why is Apple trying to achieve such a patent? My belief is that they are trying to take everything they possibly can for themselves so they can continue to sue everyone. Just my belief,  however maybe they have good means for trying to aquire such a similar patent. What do you as Android Headline readers think? Do you think Apple has good means or is this just another ploy of their's to try to take over everything?


Sources: Android Authority

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