Featured: Apple's Map Glitches Give Android an Opportunity to Strike





We have all felt the effects of Apple trying to bring down Android, well at least the last month or so has felt that way. Apple has finally given Android users a reason to gloat, and it’s been great! Apple, the company who can not do any wrong, especially in the courts has possibly started to sink their ships! I for one am happy to hear it!

Apple decided awhile ago to drop Google’s map feature and decided to incorporate their own mapping feature. However, since iOS 6 came out so did their new map app. Let’s just say that once the reviews were given about Apple’s new iOS mapping app sent Android lovers into a world of laughter. As more and more users upgrade to iOS 6 the issues are becoming more apparent and more public.

As you will see from the image below, those upgrading to iOS 6 are having to deal with an app that is “twisting bridges, duplicating islands, misidentifying cities,” and pretty much ruining many other features of what a actual GOOD mapping application can do! My reaction to this? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! I thought Apple was such a great technology giant! To see some of the examples of what the iOS 6 mapping application is doing is absolutely entertaining! I mean it’s Apple for crying out loud, how do they manage to make such a poorly developed app?!


A screenshot of a bridge distorted badly. iOS 6 Mapping App was used for this picture.
For more pictures through a gallery on CNET –> HERE <–


With all the recent attacks Apple has made against anyone Android based, I can’t say I’m not gleeming with joy right now. Apple deserves exactly what they give out to others, and that is pure GRIEF!  Apple’s motto has always been that their products are “innovative” and pretty much perfect and everyone else has just been copying off of them. Well not anymore!

Of course, now we here in the Android community are gloating like no other. However, Google has held it’s pose and not made an attempt to “attack” Apple for the demise they encountered due to this. Rest assured Apple will be on the gun fixing the issues johnny on the spot, but they won’t be able to do it within 24 hours. Google did however release this statement today through e-mail:

“We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world.”

Followed by:

“Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.”

Hmmm, is Google going to be releasing an iOS version of Google Maps? It could very well be a possibility. However, if  I was Google I wouldn’t be doing anything to work with Apple or their operating system! If users want a good mapping feature for their smartphone then Android is the way to go! Google’s reasoning behind creating an iOS version is that it would allow for a “massive” amount of users to use the Google Map application, which would then increase traffic flow and give Google the opportunity to make Google Maps even better. Apparently, this has been Apple’s  initiative as well, but so far it has been a big setback.

A spokeswomen for Apple had this to say:

“Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service. We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Wow, is all I can say! I love how Apple and their respresentatives keep using the word “innovative” because there’s nothing innovative about the iPhone 5. Users are more disppointed in the newely released phone than happy, which is a very sad thing considering they had to wait how long to get it? Whereas, Android users? They don’t have to wait but a few months! Now THAT  is innovative!

Even though we have Android users attacking this flaw of Apple’s, we still have people who are defending Apple, but what this person has to say makes a fairly good point.  A twitter user by the name of Paul Sheppard told CNet:

 “The maps situation is way overblown. Suddenly, it’s become the most important feature people want to use and I have seen comments from people claiming that they no longer will buy an iPhone…Android users are loving this and making the most out of it because in their eyes, it reinforces that they own the better product — conveniently ignoring any flaws their own phone has.”

I currently AM NOT a supporter of iOS or of many Apple products, but Paul does make some valid points here. Android still does have it flaws and I think right now they are definitely being neglected. However, I will have to say given the choice between a free iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, well I’m going with the Android device, because I know I can do more with it and truly make it my own, whereas I can’t do that with an iPhone.

In conclusion, we have all had our fun attacking Apple because their “innovative” products are turning out to be not so “innovative.” However, iOS 6 and Apple have flaws, bugs, and glitches just like Android and Microsoft. No one is perfect and never will be. Let us continue to see what “innovative” features Apple will continue to dish out to it’s consumers.


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