Featured: Apple to Ask Samsung for $3 Billion in Damages – Because $1 Billion Isn't Enough?


After Apple was granted victory in that trial a while back, we've been waiting for appeals process to get kicked off. It seems that now we're getting reports that Apple will be throwing their ore in as well as Samsung – unsurprsingly – in order to ask for more money. Of course, this isn't the be all and all of Apple's side of the appeal but the long and short is that Apple feel that they are entitled to more damages because the jury found Samsung "wilful" in their so-called immitation of Apple's trade-dress and utility patents. This is something that will ramp up the damages and, as it has been said in the past, triple damages. It's no surprise then that Apple's legal team are said to be asking Judge Koh to award the firm more damages very soon.

A "reliable source" has told Korean Times that "By using that [wilful infringement] condition, Apple has decided to request the judge to order Samsung to pay more than $3 billion in the hearing on the San Jose verdict on Sept. 21 in California." So, there really isn't long left to wait and see how Apple will play the appeals process. It's interesting to see that Apple would ask for such an increase on their awarded damages after all, it's not as Apple need the cash or anything. When the two companies entered the courtroom, Apple was originally asking for $2.25 Billion worth in damages, the jury awarded them roughly $1.05 Billion. I'm sure Apple would love to see their original figure reached and even toppled, the only reason I can see that they're demanding more money is to further attempt to drag Samsung's name through the mud.

Meanwhile, Samsung will be focussing on the jury's decision, in particular, head Lawyer for Samsung John Quinn will be asking Judge Koh to throw the decision out on grounds of incorrect judgement. If Koh doesn't, Quinn is said to appeal the decision. There's been holes throughout the jury's outcome ever since it was first bought to light – not surprising considering the amount of paperwork to deal with. The foreman, Velvin Hogan was keen to talk to the press following the verdict and each time he appeared he seemed to make it sound a little worse. Whatever happens I'm sure Apple will look like money-grabbing children once again and rest assured we'll have all the news for you.

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