Featured: Apple Seeking Further $707 Million; Permanent Injunctions against Samsung Devices


Earlier in the week we brought you news that Apple would seek to increase the damages they seek to a fanciful $3 Billion however, that was something that came out of the Korean press. Call me somewhat stereotypical but I doubt the Korean press are going to be fair in their assessment of Apple.

It's now been revealed in a late court filing from Friday that Apple will seek to increase the amount of damages they're seeking by $707 Million. Making the total amount of damages a disgustingly large $1,756,455,218. You could call me an Android or Samsung fanboy here but, I really don't think Apple should get anywhere near this amount of damages in fact, any amount of damages is too much. Not because Samsung didn't copy parts of iOS and the iPhone – I believe they did and I don't know why they felt they had to. It has more to do with the fact that every quarter since the release of the original iPhone Apple have made record-breaking profits. So, how can the company be awarded money that they never lost? Ridiculous, right?

Not content with asking for more money, Apple are looking for permanent injunctions against Samsung devices they feel have infringed upon their patents. This doesn't just apply to the SII and original Galaxy S line either, it also reaches to the Galaxy SIII which could become quite the headache for Samsung. I sincerely hope that Judge Koh will finally see that the Jury appointed took no regard to her instructions and produced a verdict that shouldn't be upheld by a court of law. This is going to be Samsungs main point of appeal and hopefully, it'll carry some needed weight.

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