Featured: Apple Sacked Google Maps because it Didn't Have Turn-By-Turn Navigation


We've had enough with the whole Apple Maps and Google Maps drama that has been going on since the launch of iPhone 5 and Apple's decision to leave Google Maps for their own new iOS Maps. However, it wasn't as easy as that for Apple the new iOS maps are not as good and accurate as the Good old G-Maps and many iFans were left wondering why Apple would ditch something better for a sucky product like the iOS maps. Some thought that this was because of crumbling relations between both companies and some speculated that Apple wants to get rid of everything related to Google including the YouTube app. Although according to AllThingsD, Apple actually left Google Maps because it didn't have turn-by-turn navigation for iOS users, simple as that.

As you may all know that the iOS version of Google maps didn't come with turn-by-turn navigation because Google wanted that feature as an exclusive for Android only. Apple didn't care about it in the beginning and signed a contract with Google to bring the modified version of Google Maps on to iOS without the feature. However, Apple quickly realized that iOS needed the turn-by-turn navigation feature as well for their users but the contract wouldn't allow that, it still had one year left. So, Apple went ahead and created their own Maps app from scratch that included turn-by-turn navigation.

The transition from G-Maps to Apple Maps isn't going well for Apple because most of the loyal iShe…err…iFans are complaining about bugs and even inaccurate directions. Well, seems like Apple is not good at everything (or anything) and it can't be all things to all people. Apple is still on a hiring spree to fix their maps app because as of yet it has even less than 7000 people working on it.


What do you think about the move from G-maps to iOS maps? Is it a good decision?

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