Featured: Apple has Less than 7,000 People Working on iOS 6 Maps Issue?


Apple truly had no idea the work it would take making their own map application when they publicly announced they would no longer be supporting Google Maps. There were lots of debates on whether or not this would be a good thing or a bad thing. However, iOS users waited, and waited, and waited for this feature. So when iOS 6 came out with the iPhone 5 sadly many were disappointed that the iOS Map application was incapable of working properly and full of really bad glitches and bugs. Twisting bridges, naming incorrect cities, and just downright buggier than all.




Once news of this hit the public, it was definitely grabbed with both hands. People grabbed the story and ran with it, giving Apple a huge amount of publicity. However, it wasn't good publicity. Apple realizes that their app needs improvement and are asking for patience from their users. In my mind however, I feel like this shouldn't be happening. I mean it is Apple, and they produce top of the line products right from the start, right? Excuse me while I smirk here.

When you compare iOS Maps to Google maps, Google has "1,100 full time employees and 6,000 contractors" working on just the Google Maps application! These 7,000 people go out and drive for street views, get in planes to view and record, draw maps, correct in-correct data and listings, and build new products.


When you ask Apple who they have on their iOS Maps application it isn't nearly the same amount of people. In fact they are currently hiring developers to improve its buggy nature. iOS 6 Maps will be offering its users:

  • Vector-based Apple Maps
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • 3D maps

Apple is requiring the new developers to have C++ and "advanced shader techniques." I'm still not sure why Apple doesn't have this type of team on this application already.  Mike Dobson, president of TeleMapics didn't' have too nice of words regarding Apple's poor app development. He said:

"Apple's data team seems to have munged together data from a large let of sources and assumed that somehow they would magically fit." Sorry, but that often does not happen in the world of cartography. Poor Apple has no one to blame but themselves."


Ouch Mike, harsh but I have to say I like your stance on this. Apple apparently did a poor job thinking they could nail this application and make their users happy. However, they got slapped in the face and are desperately looking for new developers to try to fix their mistake. Apple is usually pretty good at making sure they have everything covered, so when I see such poor organization in regards to their "new" feature application, it's disheartening and shows a lot of critics that once again they were right. Let's see if Apple can actually get a team together to fix their bad application.


Sources: CNet / ZDNet / Business Insider

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