Featured: Apple goes on Hiring spree to fix the disaster that is Maps in iOS 6

Although we here at Android Headlines love to poke fun at Apple, this is actually kind of sad. Yesterday we reported about how bad the Maps app in iOS 6 was, and now BGR is pointing out that Apple is hiring people left and right to fix the Maps app. In the last ten days, Apple has listed 6 new positions for developers to help fix Maps in iOS 6. Apple also stated yesterday that "working hard to make the customer experience even better". But here's an idea, stop trying to sue every manufacturer out there and work on your crappy Maps app, right?

As far as we know, the Google Maps app is waiting for Apple to review it so iPhone users can go back to Google Maps and leave Maps for iOS 6 alone. I still think Google should work with Apple to license Google Maps out to the fruit company for use on their products.

So if you know anyone using an iPhone with iOS 6, be nice to them and give them directions if they are lost. Or just direct them to the nearest Best Buy to pick up an Android device.

Want more laughs? Check out 'The Amazing iOS 6 Maps' on Tumblr.

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