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Hey guys it's Thursday and you know what that means. Yep, Game spotlight. Last week I featured a game from Adult [Swim] called Monsters Ate My Condo. Adult Swim knows just what you like, and they aim to please. This week I want to feature another great game from [Adult Swim] called Major Mayhem. The game is a continuous runner type. You will play the role of Major Mayhem, the terrorists are attacking the country and have also taken your girlfriend. Save her, and save the country and you will be rewarded.

[Adult Swim] hits another home run here. I could not find one thing about this game that I did not like. There are four modes to play through each with their own style. Classic, Time bomb, Arcade, and survival modes. Rush through classic if you want to follow a kind of storyline, try your luck at time bomb to see how many points you can rack up before the clock runs out, Arcade is a lot like classic and survival is well... survival. Through any mode while playing you will rack up two things. Coins, and mayhem points. Coins allow you to make purchases from the "Armory" to acquire new weapons, armor and power ups, while mayhem points help you get three badges for every level. The more mayhem points you get also helps you get extra coins at the end of each level. The game has achievements too, which will get you even more coins to spend in the armory. Crazy but fun achievements like knocking 5 hats off enemy heads, shooting 3 chickens in a row, throwing yourself onto spikes and getting flattened by a boulder. If you're an achievements whore in games, you will love this. You will start the game out with a handgun and three pieces of armor. Not to worry though because you can always head over to the armory to pick up new stuff.

Tons of guns and better armor will help you through tougher missions later in the game and help you get some of those harder achievements. Everything from a p99 to a rocket launcher to the fabled chicken cannon!! Unleash airstrikes, power up with the robo mayhem armor suit, or use hero time to slow things waaaayyyyy down. You can even outfit major mayhem with different clothes and skins. Customization was certainly not overlooked here. If you're finding it hard to stack coins you can always use the option for added in-game purchases of more coins from the play store. The game however is free and won't cost you a penny. The in-game purchases are not mandatory and in no way will you need them to complete any sort progression through the missions. It certainly makes things a little easier and more fun to have some of the cool stuff right away if you have enough coins, but you can definitely make do by obtaining coins via mission completion. As you plow through the levels and load up on mayhem points, you also gain new rank as sort of leveling system.

Final deduction on this game is that it was even more fun the Monsters Ate My Condo and had just as much going for it to keep it from getting stale. This game is addictive and fun and as always made me laugh like the rest of the [Adult Swim] games. If you fancy this type of game the link to play store is below.

Major Mayhem


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