Featured: Android and iOS flourishing faster than PC's

If you date back to the 1980's and look at PC's you would be surprised to know PC's were not all that popular and were just coming into light with technology. They really started blooming in 1990's when World Wide Web came into the light of society. However, Android and iOS statistics have blown these statistics out of the water! Are we really surprised? They are a mini computer that can fit in your pocket and take anywhere.

Statistics from "Flurry" (a mobile application analytics company) show that 640 million iOS/Android devices were activated and in use last month. Wow! That's a big number for just one month. 165 million of those devices were based here in the U.S. while China comes in second with 128 million. Third places goes to the U.K. with 31 million, and South Korea and Japan stand at 22-28 million devices. Wow! Flurry stated that if China continues on their path, they could overtake the U.S. by Christmas of 2012.



Android/iOS are growing at significant rates, which is way more than PC's in the 1980's. The growing rates for Android/iOS are as follows:

  1. 401% in China
  2. 279% in Chile
  3. 220% in Brazil

This just amazes me, because sometimes it's hard to picture some of these countries with smartphones, but it's great to see such wonderful technology being used worldwide. Another report from IDC says that "the two operating systems combined own 85% of the worldwide smartphone market. Android, of course, hits the top with 68.1 percent. Whoo Hoo, go Android!

Flurry had this to say:

"The rate of iOS and Android device adoption has surpassed that of any consumer technology in history.  Compared to recent technologies, smart device adoption is being adopted 10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption.  Five years into the smart device growth curve, expansion of this new technology is rapidly expanding beyond early adopter markets such as such as North America and Western Europe, creating a true worldwide addressable market."

Flurry continues to give out amazing statistics regarding Android/iOS. They reported that Singapore has a "92% smartphone penetration amount adults, while the U.S. is only at 78%." Wow, that is amazing!!! These statistics are based on the last 5 years as well, so it's drastically changing month to month, and year to year.

What are your thoughts? Do you really think that Android/iOS platforms could single out computers?


Sources: CNet / Cult of Android


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