How Android and Mac Can Live In Harmony



Have a macbook and android phone like me, maybe you're a designer, an artist, musician? I guess you just maybe like mac more for PCs? No matter the circumstances you may have issues with getting apps to work properly, with finding apps that aren't just for iPhone or iOS. I know I have, but here are 5 that I used to make my life a LITTLE easier.


5. Evernote.
It is on both mac and android, not to mention Windows, iOS, blackberry… ya know, everything. With this app you can sync photos and notes to the cloud and access it all. There is no need to use icloud when you don't need to.

4. Dropbox/Google Drive.
These two will count as my 4th suggestion. They both kind of do the same thing, syncing photos, docs, and videos to the cloud, both have apps for almost all clients. One of the reasons I mention Google Drive is because many don't know that it has a mac client. It works well too!

3. Doubletwist
So you have a mac, you use iTunes, maybe you had an iPhone but that is the past, now you are still left with the question, how does my music get to my new android phone? Well doubletwist is the answer, and they even have a wifi syncing option! You can add songs to doubletwist and it all applies to your phone!


2. Google Music
This is another option for those who want music from their mac to their android phone. You download the Google music client, it uploads everything to the cloud and you are good to go! No fuss, no mess. You can put 20,000 songs on the cloud, this option made number 2 because I believe DoubleTwist just adds music to your SD card, not to a cloud option.

1. Android Transfer Tool
Yes, this does exist, you can download it from Google and you can move photos and videos to your mac from your phone. Ya know, for when you just can't auto upload to a drive.

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