Featured:Google Play Store Gift Cards become Official and are available now

August 21, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So you’ve seen all the rumors and code that’s been dug up surrounding Google bringing Play Store gift cards, and now it’s a reality. Today Google announced on their Google Play, Google+ page that you can now purchase Google Play Store gift certificates from Target, Radioshack and Gamestop in 3 different denominations $10, $25, and $50. Also Walmart.com will be offering them later this month.

These gift cards allow you to purchase music, apps, books, movies, TV show episodes, and more. The only downside is you cannot use these gift cards to purchase devices, magazine subscriptions, or app subscriptions through the Play Store.  Also the gift cards, are only available in the US as of right now. Which isn’t a huge surprise since there’s not much else (other than apps) available in the Play Store internationally.

The most recent Play Store update shows code that Google might be bringing wishlists along with the gift cards that were announced today. But with the addition of Gift cards today, it brings the Play Store one step closer to competing with iTunes. Currently the Play Store already offers all the same things as iTunes but with different prices, including the free song of the day for Google Music. Now Google just needs to add the little things like Wishlists.

So who’s excited about these gift cards? How many will you be buying for Christmas for your loved ones this year?

[Source: Google Play on Google+]