Featured: Wild Blood trailer released; Gameloft says "on it's way"

Yesterday Gameloft attempted to blow the gaming world away with its dropping the trailer for its new upcoming game Wild Blood. Did it achieve what it set out to do? Are people getting excited and salivating as we speak just itching to get their hands on this? In my opinion as of right now, it stands at a yes and no. I do think that people are very excited for this game and I think most of the gaming community on Android will be ready to pick this up. However for me watching the trailer didn't make me want to go out and buy it right away. For those who don't know, Wild Blood is Gameloft's new action/adventure RPG that is very close to release and is running on the ever so impressive Epic UNREAL game engine. Unreal engine is known for its fantastic graphics and the visual prowess it can bring to a game's experience. However, the engine can only take the driver so far, the driver has to know how to use his/her tools that are at their disposal. This is where I differ from most people on this particular game I think. I watched the trailer, and it just looks like another game from Gameloft as far as the visuals are concerned. Now this is only a trailer and the end product may very well be completely different, and I will absolutely be giving it a try for a few reasons. I have really enjoyed games from Gameloft in the past, I think I owe it to the gamers out there and Gameloft that I give the game a fair shot, and visuals aren't everything. The gameplay could be amazing. And to Gameloft's credit, this game does look pretty damn cool.

The plot of the game seems to settle in on an ancient warrior knight who hath unleashed his might unto many demons with ferocity and vengeance. The world hath succumbed to ancient evils and only one man can see to it that the world be restored to its original state of peace. Enter the WARRIOR KNIGHT! GO FORTH AND UNLEASH YOUR FURY! SLAY THOSE DEMONS AND SEND THEM BACK TO THE HELL FROM WENCE THEY CAME!!! I think that pretty much sums up the storyline. For the most part the game looks like it will definitely be a good title to play. I'm hoping that the graphics are more impressive during actual gameplay and that Gameloft decides to make this game cost instead of making it completely free or freemium. God please don't fuck this game up by making it freemium. I will lose all faith in you Gameloft. Literally all of it. And I will never forgive you for tainting the name of the Unreal engine by doing this to a game that is built on it.

If the game does bode to be as impressive as they are advertising, and it actually pans out to be a good game, I can't wait to see how it plays across all my devices, and others as well. It will most certainly play ok on my Nexus 7. Tegra 3 quad-core with a 12-core gpu and all, and I'm sure it'll play ok on my Transformer prime with the 8-core gpu tegra 3. But will it play on my Galaxy Nexus? And how will it play on all other devices running dual core? Will single ore even be able to handle it at all? Time will tell. We know it's coming soon. And when it does release, we'll let you know. I'll be reviewing it for you. Until then, watch the trailer and decide for yourself whether or not this will be a game that you will play. LET THE WILD BLOOD FLOW!!!


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