Featured: What's this? Google isn't Supporting Samsung in Samsung vs. Apple Trial?



What would be your first impression hearing this? Mine? My first reaction was, "No way, Google wouldn't do that." How can this be? Why wouldn't Google support one of its main device manufacturers? This just seems to be impossible I know!


Google is all about defending their product and the manufacturers who support them, however the Apple versus Samsung case isn't really about Android, it's more about patent infringement of design and feature patents, and essential wireless patents. Wow, so just because it's not about Android, Google isn't going to help support and defend one of their main manufacturers? I have no words for this even. At least this is what "unnamed sources" are claiming.

If you jump over to more research and turn to CNet, you will find out that Google most certainly IS supporting Samsung, but in "stealth" mode. Ah, okay, but why hush, hush?

Google has been providing Samsung "legal strategies, advice, legwork, and help with prior evidence." Well that sounds pretty supportive to me, but it strikes my curiosity as to why it's being kept on the "down low" so to say.


I've seen this brought up several times, and on several different sites, Apple will attack anyone who 'vigorously' supports Google and it's Android platform, but we have YET to see either one of the giants attack each other. Odd isn't it? An analyst made a statement saying:

"Google will want to stay from this trial as much as possible; they don't want to directly confront Apple."

Well why the heck not? Apple is the one set out and determined to destroy Android. Steve Jobs released SEVERAL statements saying exactly that. I would think Apple's most recent attack on Samsung would go to show the true confrontation between Apple and Google is going to come. Samsung is one of the top manufacturers for Google's Android platform, not to mention Samsung is what puts out the popular Nexus devices.


So how can we know for sure if Google is turning their back on Samsung or not? One piece of evidence is the representation for Samsung, Quinn Emanuel. They are Google's legal choice in any matter of "intellectual property." They have represented Google in many 'copyright' and 'patent' cases. Quinn Emanuel is also representing HTC and Motorola, which are two other partners of Google's in aspect to the Android platform.  Well, that seems to have to say something right? Yet, Google will not comment on anything regarding this case. Well that is odd isn't it? There are many rumors starting to fly about what Google is doing regarding this case and what they are not doing. Each rumor has no real proof or evidence to withhold creditability to believe it, so it's really up to the reader. I usually have my side I go to, which is Samsung of course, but I do wait to see the outcome of these matters and then analyze the facts aside from my feelings and opinions.

Again, the Samsung versus Apple trial isn't a must have for Google as it's about accusations pertaining to other issues and not Android. That isn't an alarming state for Google it would seem.  Another analyst stated:

"I think the only time Google gets involved are over patents or things that are directly related to the core Android experience."


Well judging from the trial, and the accusations from both sides, I think we can call see that it really has nothing to do with Android.

So, should we really believe that Google is turning their back on Samsung? I don't believe so, I think they just have better things to be concerned about at this point. However, I'm sure that Google is keeping a close eye on the trial and happenings. Should anything happen that becomes Android related, I'm almost certain that Google will jump right in and defend not only themselves, but Samsung as well. I would be curious to actually hear's Google's feelings and opinions regarding this matter, wouldn't you?



Sources: BGR / CNet

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