Featured: What The Apple Vs Samsung Verdict Will Mean For The Industry

August 22, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

Things have really evolved over the last several years since the debut of the original iPhone in 2007. Mobile phones have went from a brick or a bulky BlackBerry with a keyboard, to high powered touchscreen devices that have completely reshaped the industry and, in some cases, changed the World due to being able to do a number of tasks which were previously reserved for traditional laptops and computers.

The Apple vs Samsung trial brings up a very important topic and that’s to do with patents. Clearly, we haven’t seen a battle nearly as big as this one. Both companies are pleading their cases with Apple wanting $2.52 Billion in damages and also (if found to be) have the infringing products banned for sale. Samsung on the other hand is just trying to prove that they’re not in the wrong.

While many Android fans believe that Apple is malicious in their efforts, the tech giant could care less what you or I think. The reality is that Apple, by going after various companies that supposedly are “infringing” their patents and designs and winning, can control market share. If they win the trial, they’ll gain a larger competitive advantage and Android manufacturers will really have to step up their game when it comes to designs. If they don’t win, well, things will likely continue at the pace they’ve been going.

It’s very clear that Android isn’t the underdog that it used to be. It not only took BlackBerry and Windows out of the picture, but has become bigger than iOS itself.

That’s something Apple doesn’t want to have happen and if you look at it like a game of poker, they, potentially, have the royal straight flush (their patents). The verdict of this trial will either be good or bad news for the industry. If Apple wins, then we’re going to see a lot more cracking down on other Android manufacturers to come with a ruthless takedown of competitors. If they don’t, maybe that will help us get one step closer to patent reform.

One can only hope, but that’s likely years away, if ever from happening. What happened to us all just getting along? Despite all this supposed infringement going on, Apple is doing better than ever and is expected to have the largest handset launch in history with the launch of the iPhone 5 next month.